15-Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bodrum/Muğla/Turkey

The curriculum of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses has been prepared and approved as a result of one-on-one interviews with Yoga Alliance consultants!

Are you ready to learn more about yoga, about your personal practice and most importantly about yourself?
Our yoga tutorials are not just for learning how to teach yoga, but also for radically transforming your life.
OmSiva Yoga School uses a traditional teaching method that keeps up with our age by blending traditional philosophical and anatomical teachings from the source with the most up-to-date researches in yoga education.

Training documents are completely prepared by our school. In these books, our main trainer Nadia shares all her experience and knowledge that she has accumulated over the years.
With our school’s special reference method, you will learn yoga teachings by feeling, not memorizing.
In this training, we will learn everything, including anatomy, philosophy, chakras, breathing and meditation, teaching methodology and asana alignments, etc. by experiencing, giving references and living in daily life.
OmSiva Yoga School follows the Yoga Alliance standards in all its training.

This program is for;

  • Those who have never done yoga before and want to learn yoga
  • Those who are already practicing yoga and who want to deepen or specialize in yoga
  • Those who want to follow the philosophy of yoga in their daily life
  • Those who want to be teachers and guides who transfer yoga to others (Our trainings also have modules that include yoga as a profession. At the end of the training, our students can start giving yoga lessons)

Training Modules

Pranayama and Meditation: Basic yoga breathing techniques, Meditation Guide, Meditation Techniques, Kriyas

Yoga Philosophy: History of Yoga, 8 Limbs, 5 Keys, 4 Paths, 3 Gunas, Yoga Sutras, Koshas

Hatha Yoga: Warmup Series, Surya Namaskar Series, Basic Asanas and Variations, Benefits of Asanas, Inappropriate Situations, Practicing Methods, Anatomical and Muscular Studies of Asanas

Chakra Yoga: Energy Map of the Earth, Detailed Analysis of the 7 Major Chakras, Asanas and Balancing Methods of the Chakras, Techniques for Creating Chakra Yoga Series

Ashtanga Yoga: Primary Series Yoga Practices

Vinyasa Yoga: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Practices

Yoga Anatomy: Respiratory System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Digestive System and Nutrition, How to Prevent Yoga Injuries

Teaching Methodology: Introduction to Teaching, Sequencing Classes, Guiding with Hands and Words, Yoga as a Profession, Yoga Alliance Registration and Advancement

Graduation: Homeworks, Exam, written & oral examination


-BONUS 1: Face Yoga Practices

-BONUS 2: Weekly Excursions –> Trekking/Rowing (activities are determined by OmSiva Yoga depending on the weather conditions and season).

Daily Schedule

*07:30-08:30 Meditation & pranayama & Face Yoga
*08:30-09:00 Breakfast
*09:00-10:00 Silent Time & Reading Scriptures
*10:00-12:00 Asana Practice Class
*12:00-13:30 Lunch
*13:30-16:00 Yoga theoretical lectures (Anatomy and Physiology, philosophy, teaching methodology, ethics, etc)
*16:00-17:30 Free Time
*17:30-18:30 Asana lab and Yogalistenic & Therapeutic yoga practice
*18:30 Dinner and self-study (reading & homework) and free time
The schedule may be modified if necessary and is just a guideline. A different outdoor activity is organized every week.

The schedule may be modified if necessary and is just a guideline.

What is Included

-A full 200-hour yoga teacher training course
-Daily yoga practice
-Daily Pranayama and meditation classes
-Daily anatomy and philosophy and teaching methodology classes
-Teacher training manual
-Certification ceremony
-Certificate of completion
-Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion of the course
-14 nights accommodation
-Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
-Weekly outdoor activities (rowing/trekking) (these activities are determined by OmSiva Yoga depending on the weather conditions and season)

Training Fees

  • Shared Triple Room (Lotus) – $1,980
  • Shared Twin Room (Buddha or Shanti) – $2,300
  • Private Double Room (Buddha or Shanti) – $3,200

Meet the Instructor

Nadiye Gülkan, who started to take an interest in yoga as a young child thanks to her mother’s yoga books, realized the change in her life that the yoga classes she regularly attended during her adulthood, and registered to Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in India in 2014 and the gurus handed over her Yoga Alliance-approved trainer certificate. In 2016, she visited Rishikesh to become an advanced trainer. During her stay in India, she had the opportunity to learn and internalize the entire philosophy of yoga.

She established his dream yoga center under the name of OmSiva Yoga School in Ataşehir to work as a yoga instructor, which he loves while continuing his doctorate, who is an electrical engineer and currently working on electric cars.

For your questions and more detailed information, you can contact us at info@omsivayoga.com or by calling +90 545 207 54 47. We are happy to assist you.